Cashmio has a straightforward and casual approach to gambling which allows you to play with small amounts of money all the way up to more substantial bets, approximate range is £0.10 to £100.00 which suits a wider audience base.

The website itself is pleasant to look at with an easy to use layout which allows you to switch between games and instantly see what betting options are available on the games.

The jackpots in the big money games can go up to around 4-5 millions , but the majority tend to be at around £30,000 which is a significant amount of money to win on an online casino.


Unlike most online casinos, this game requires you to pay a small fee when you sign up to receive 200 free spins. And then on top of that, there are boosters such as 50 euros for another 100 free spins and a bonus coin which will return a larger amount should you win a game.

The game does let you enter for free with a meager 20 free spins without any deposit along with access to daily missions to win bonus coins worth a set value, which is an easy way to increase your start up income. All winnings are tax-free as the company behind the website is based in Malta.


There’s not much on offer in terms of support; however there is a live web chat which is very useful as it allows you to access instant and hassle free support, and an online email/support ticket system however it doesn’t provide you with an actual email address.

Cashmio’s FAQ is comprehensive and covers most questions such as how to setup correctly, and even provides some basic technical assistance should you run into difficulty. There’s no phone number in case you want to call and discuss any issues which is inconvenient.


This is an easy to use website that displays the bets that are available instantly, very useful if you’re a casual gamer hoping to make quick buck or a gamer on a budget trying to earn money off minimum bets.


The website doesn’t offer much in terms of freebies; however for paying customers there are a lot of easily accessible bonuses, rewards and challenges to bolster your investment in the website. Overall, the website is very laid back and open which is suitable for a wider audience and should promote greater number of players.

Doesn’t give much insight into what’s available without signing up for an account and a lot of benefits are for paid members only which is disappointing.

Website is good but a bit too basic, some more animations and guidance on what features are available would be useful.

Support system is lacking some intimacy and if there was a serious issue, there’s not much in the way of an official channel to communicate with Cashmio.


Cashmio is an easily accessible website that allows gamers to enjoy the benefits of a gambling without sacrificing too much money which is ideal for newcomers. The layout is simple and functional, but doesn’t boast features enough which is an issue when compared to similar gambling websites.

The sign up process is simple and works well with mobile/smart phones if you prefer gaming from a mobile device. The interface itself is very similar to what you’d find on most smart phones which should ensure intuitive use.

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