Mr Green

Mr. Green Casino is a well presented and professional looking website that offers you a free account to start playing instantly. They have the usual casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Jackpot games along with some more modern Flash games like you may find in bars with interactive gambling machines.

Interestingly, they offer live betting on sports such as Tennis, Football and horse racing which should be capitalized on as not too many gambling websites offer this. The live betting section of the website is very well laid out and intuitive to use if you’ve spent more than five minutes on a smartphone.

Bonus and Benefits

To summarize, there appears to be quite a few promotions to take part in such as gambling or live betting to ensure good customer return.

Right from the start you’re offered to sign up for free spins by registering your phone number in the sign up process and it looks like their latest bonuses available on the promotions page are free for everyone to use which is a great way to ensure people will play at their casino.

The website appears to be very responsible and draws attention to the fact you must gamble responsibly and provides a link to Gambler’s Anonymous which isn’t really a bonus but displays that the website isn’t just there to make money.


The support system is spot on; it provides a web-chat service which is fast becoming the easiest way to talk to people with website problems, they also offer email and phone support 24 hours a day. The phone number is based in the UK judging by the area code so the person taking your call should be able to provide assistance without much of an ‘accent barrier’.

The support section itself is easy to find and not hidden away in sub-menu after sub-menu which is useful if you’re not the one for fussing.


The revised website looks great, the background image on the sign-up screen is a little jarring but once you’re in, everything is well presented and as modern as you can get. It looks professional and the type of place that promises fun rather than a way to waste time.

Everything you see is clearly noted, for example if you see a game that looks good, it’ll offer you to play for free or sign up with a premium account to play for real money.


The sign up process is easy. In order to start playing, you must put in a phone number to finalize your account setup. It states that you win free spins if you register a phone number but no option to bypass it if you do not want to give your phone number up. The text code confirmation system simply didn’t work.


Overall, the website offers a very positive experience however some minor tweaks are needed.

A very promising gambling website that doesn’t lull you into spending money constantly in order to win money or to gain more out of the website. The way its set up is reminiscent of a flash player gaming website but gives you the option to spend money to win real funds which is an excellent way of establishing the site as a serious casino.

The live betting function is great and well worth looking into even as a standalone tool for gambling. The major let down is the sign up process which needs revision.

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