Royal Panda

Right from the start you’re offered £100 to sign up and start playing – Royal Panda wants you to have fun and to start playing to win money immediately. The website is bright and fun offering a number of games to play and there are options to play games before you even sign up.

Bonus and benefits

What will draw your attention however is the jackpot – £28,000,000 which is the collective amount of money available to be won from their big prize games, one of which has a jackpot of£9,000,000 which is a great amount of money to be won.

Below the Jackpot, it documents the winners and their takings, on daily, weekly and monthly basis and you can see some great amounts of money having won by players which sets the tone for Royal Panda.

As mentioned, right from the start you’re offered £100 to just sign up and play with, and as you navigate the website, you’re offered more such as depositing £100 will get you £200 to play with or receive a 50% bonus every Friday which is a good way to maximize your playing power.

Their promotions page has a generous amount of bonuses and freebies to boost the amount of money you can play with or to earn more which is a very easy way to capitalize on what you’ve already won or invested in the game.


The support page is very easy to find and gives several options for assistance; FAQ, Web Chat, Phone or Email. There are other options such as requesting a callback from an agent or using their own support ticket/email system which is a nice feature.

Royal Panda’s FAQ page is well detailed and provides a wealth of information on how to get started, how to progress and how to go about customer service/website issues. The FAQ also documents how their security and privacy works which is a nice touch.


Site is easy to use and everything is easy to locate, the website is very intuitive and setup very well. The option to play games without an account and just for fun is very good and gives users an idea of what to expect before signing up to play for real.

The amount of money that can be won and showing how to win and what games pay the best is a very good way to ensure that people cut to the games that help them win as much money as possible.

Somewhat tedious sign up process, requests a lot of information that’s not really necessary as an initial sign up which can put off a lot of people.


The support phone number appears to be located in Malta which may not offer the best/most professional customer support compared to other websites.

Some of the images/animations used are of fairly poor quality with a lot of JPEG arts or not much attention to detail which isn’t the biggest issue in the world, but looks sloppy in comparison to other gambling websites.


A very easy to use website with a huge number of opportunities to play games and win money with more focus on fun rather than serious gambling/betting which is refreshing. Some work could be done to improve the images, the layout is however very intuitive.

The number of games available is nice and the option to play before creating an account or spending money is great, the live games are understandably “pay to enter” but promises to be worth the investment when compared to the jackpot amount of the casual games.

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